Action Wheel Leadership, Inc. has developed a framework for thinking about the values, preferences, and dispositions that drive individual and group decision-making. This assessment instrument is called  View to Values (VTV).

View To Values was designed to enhance the success of an organization's existing investment in its highest level leadership programs and practices. Whether taken invididually, or as part of a leadership group, View to Values delivers insights into the key values that inform individual and group decision making.

Your  VTV results will help you better understand the priorities, preferences, and biases you implicitly bring to making decisions.  It will illuminate those values you intuitively prioritize as most important when you undertake the most important aspect of any job - making decisions. To make great decisions, you must deal with the basics, declare your values and act on them.  The VTV is designed to help you discover  the bedrock of your values.

The VTV results will point out your strengths with respect to four fundamental dimensions of decision-making:

  •  inquiry and thinking (inquirer)
  •  team building (unifier)
  • doing (pragmatist)
  • innovating (entrepreneur)

For you: Your personal VTV will help you discover specific ways to grow personally and professionally. It will be an aid in learning what is 'natural' for you and what happens when you are under stress and stand in the shadows.

For your organization: Gaining deeper insight into the decision-making processes of your workforce is an essential element in creating and sustaining a high performance organization. Learning more about the differing behavior frameworks employees use to discern and act on critical issues, will deeply enhance the effectiveness of existing employee leadership programs, or provide a good place to start for others.