Company View:

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Please choose an answer for the highlighted questions below:


We have a clear sense of who we are as a company.

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We have the right employees with knowledge and skills to do our work.

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We have the right systems to deliver our services.

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We have leadership that shares power throughout the organization.

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We have a strong vision and sense of direction for the future.

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We have strong leadership that guides us through change and crisis.

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We have a sense of hope about the future.

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My overall Satisfaction with my work and work environment (1=Low, 5=High):

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Personal View:

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A primary contribution I can make to a team is ensuring:

Goals are on target
Goals are met


If my company frequently Mouseover Definitionbreaks its promises to anyone, its business practices and/or leaders can _______ be trusted.

sometimes still not


When my company does business internationally, it is ______ acceptable to follow practices of that culture, even if they violate my own sense of what is just and/or moral.

usually rarely


The Mouseover Definitionsuccess of a free global marketplace is ________ more important than the success of my company.

often rarely


To me, investing in social and natural ecology is _______ equal in importance to other business investments.

often rarely


Even if it meant someone I respected and cared about would lose his or her job, and after exhausting all other options, I _______ Mouseover Definition tell the truth about a corrupt, illegal or immoral business practice I have discovered being committed.

would would not


I _______ practice listening to Mouseover Definition a higher voice or power within me..

often rarely


I _______ Mouseover Definitionintentionally reflect on the mystery, purpose and beauty of life.

often rarely


I _______ Mouseover Definitiontalk with others about the direction and Mouseover Definitionquality of life.

often rarely


When facing a crisis or emergency, I am more likely to _______

react fast and take quick action
evaluate the situation, then act decisively


The people I work with _______ matter more to me than doing the Mouseover Definitionwork I love.

always rarely


Achieving Mouseover Definitionbalance between my work, family, community and private life is _______ more important than achieving success in any one of them.

always sometimes


I prefer to:

Rely on what I know and have experience with.
Investigate new ideas and possibilities.


I _______ prefer to trust my judgment, decisions, or Mouseover Definitionintuition over the group's opinion.

usually sometimes


Profit is _______ the truest test of Mouseover Definitionbusiness success.

usually rarely


Mouseover DefinitionRewarding stockholders/owners is _______ the primary responsibility of a successful business.

often rarely


Mouseover DefinitionShort term business goals must _______ take precedence over long-term goals.

often rarely


Active Mouseover Definitionbusiness involvement in local and global affairs is _______ as important to business success as any other business practice.

often rarely


Of these two, _______ is the more important leadership Mouseover Definitionvirtue.

humility self-confidence


When I'm doing my work right, I _______ I'm doing the right work..

am certain often uncertain


What Mouseover Definitionmy company does and stands for is _______ my responsibility.

often rarely


Of these two, _______ is the more important leadership Mouseover Definitionvirtue.

consistency flexibility


Making decisions for the Mouseover Definitioncommon good is _______ more important than deciding what is best for me or my team..

often rarely


Mouseover DefinitionThe public ‘face' and reputation of my company/organization is _______ my responsibility.

often rarely


When anyone in my organization appears to be avoiding Mouseover Definitionobvious and persistent problems or challenges, it is _______ my responsibility to speak up until things are effectively addressed.

often rarely


I ____ comply with written regulations and requirements when given a work assignment, even if I may not agree.

usually rarely


When looking for new opportunities, I prefer to:

Fix/Improve the existing Invent the new


When I see an authority figure taking us down the wrong path, I am most likely to:

Respectfully challenge the authority
Head down the right path instead


I ____ seek out the input, research, and experience of others as part of my everyday decision-making.

usually rarely


Developing and implementing the best ideas _______ requires the collaboration, involvement, and acceptance by all team members.

usually rarely


While regulations are often legal and required, I _____ do independent thinking to avoid unnecessary bureaucratic delays.

usually rarely


Which of these is the more important contribution to the team:

Innovation Compromise


When anyone in my organization appears to be Mouseover Definitionconfused or disorganized about what needs to be done, it is _________my responsibility to help them find clarity and direction.

often rarely


In a serious crisis requiring immediate attention, my instinct is to ______.

act, then evaluate evaluate, then act


To make critical decisions on a timely basis, I am most likely to:

Persuade others to accept my point of view
Ask the group to discuss and determine possible outcomes


When confronted with the need to change, the perspective I can best contribute to the team is in:

developing new ideas and/or products
improving existing processes and/or products


The most effective way to asses the value of an idea is to:

Try it Research it


Competitive advantage is best sustained by:

Starting the next trend Adapting quickly to an emerging trend


Organizational effectiveness is best achieved by:

Establishing clear, respected roles and boundaries
Staying flexible, allowing boundary overlap


The achievement of goals depends more on the:

effective control over processes and decisions
growth and development of team members


Long term success is best achieved through:

a commitment to being the best and the first to deliver
ensuring team members have shared input and ownership


A key contribution I can bring to critical situations is:

Asking the right questions
Finding the right answers


A primary contribution I can make in solving problems is:

Identifying options and solutions
Executing the solution


When I’ve experienced conflict, it has been:

an opportunity for growth and change
stressful, and a barrier to getting things done


Co-workers who routinely introduce ideas from way out in left field are most often:

A breath of fresh air
Wasting the team’s time


Ambiguity is most often:

A roadblock to efficient progress
A necessary step in effective problem solving


The better approach to starting a new project is most often to:

get started quickly, we can improve as we go
understand all the options, then head in the best direction


In complex situations, managing ambiguity is best accomplished by:

reducing or removing it
understanding and using it